• Engravable 5-STRAIN CANNADOR ®


    This large Cannador® contains 5 perforated cans, four of which can each hold an 1/8oz and one larger can in the middle can hold 1/4oz and can easily fit 1oz of herb total. There is also a side-cubby to keep your paraphernalia separated, yet centralized all in one place.

    Each removable can has a perforated lid that slides open to allow for moist air from the humidity system to come into the can and keep the bud fresh. The lids can be adjusted to be airtight or opened to allow for air to pass through. A stainless steel plate keeps these cans in place. Comes with Humidity Pack Holster, which can fit up to 2 large Boveda® packs.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.